Total Traffic Manager™

Manage and Monetize

The Challenge

Network operators face exponential growth in data traffic that strains network capacity, yet they cannot increase prices to cover the cost of capacity expansion. The growth of streaming video is the biggest cause of the network capacity deficit. Over-the-top (OTT) video providers such as Netflix and YouTube account for as much as 65% of network usage, yet there is no incentive for these providers to optimize efficiency of bandwidth utilization. Cell sites that were previously built to handle normal voice and data load are now encountering an increased number of congested hours, leading to a less-than-optimal subscriber experience. To keep subscribers satisfied, many operators have undertaken expensive network build outs, yet the market does not allow them to charge higher prices to pay for the network expansion. In short, to remain competitive, operators continue to offer unlimited data but cannot charge their subscribers higher rates for the higher volume of data traffic they are consuming.

ClearSky’s Total Traffic Manager with SmartShaping

Total Traffic Manager™ (TTM) actively monitors and analyzes data traffic as it flows through your network, and then generates actions based on detailed analysis and a set of preconfigured rules. This is accomplished by placing a TTM enforcement platform into your network to measure all data traffic and subscriber patterns and perform real-time traffic policy enforcement to significantly improve bandwidth utilization efficiency. Furthermore, TTM allows operators to create and bill for new types of customer-facing services as well as revise the structure of existing data plans,

The centrally hosted TTM policy management and reporting engine gives operators the ability to satisfy existing subscribers with fair allocation of resources, create and bill for new services, and minimize costs of future network expansion.

TTM Reporting

Total Traffic Manager provides real-time visibility into the types of data traffic that are carried by your network. This visibility can be automatically reported to management on a regular basis in a format that is simple for decision-makers to read and interpret. TTM delivers invaluable insight into what your customers access, when the access occurs, and how much data is being consumed over what time periods. These reports can identify any usage or behavioral trends in the types of data your users access, thereby allowing you to predict changes and plan more effectively.

Key Advantages of Total Traffic Manager

Take Control Of Your Data Network

Total Traffic Manager allows you to take control of your data network by optimizing the transmission of streaming video, efficiently managing the traffic of heavy users, and creating dynamic policies that help reduce congestion during peak hours.

Reduce Costs

TTM allows you to get the most out of your existing network through the use of dynamic policy enforcement. Dynamic policy enforcement helps reduce cell site congestion, optimize data flows and manage heavy usage during peak hours. These multiple improvements in network efficiency allow the network to carry significantly more traffic. As a result, more subscribers can use the network than  before implementation of TTM, eliminating or minimizing unnecessary and expensive network build-outs.

Flexible Deployment Options

TTM offers a combination of hosted and on-site components for the quickest and most efficient deployments. This configuration offloads certain tasks to ClearSky’s operations team., freeing your own staff to focus on other issues. We also offer a completely on-site installation option for enhanced security and higher performance.

Ongoing Professional Services

Ongoing policy creation and updates are included in the price of Total Traffic Manager. Our experienced policy management experts will work with your team to define and achieve network and data optimization goals. By bundling a certain number of Professional Service hours with TTM, we offer a predictable monthly cost with the assurance that you will have access to experts when needed.

ClearSky: A Pioneer in
"As a Service"

ClearSky has been providing managed services to the wireless industry for more than 20 years. Collaborating with our customers to achieve desired outcomes is a foundational goal of our business. Our team will work with you to create, write, and implement policies to help achieve your goals. Moreover, because we work in an industry where changes happen quickly, those policies can be adjusted or dropped using the included Professional Service hours.

We WANT to work with you to create the best experience for your subscribers!

Next Steps

ClearSky’s Total Traffic Manager can be configured to meet your specific needs and objectives. We scale the solution to deliver the best service at the best price, while including Professional Service hours to ensure we are there when help is needed. Unlike the “box providers” we don’t charge you extra fees because you want to use the product and make it work. Contact us now to set up a call to discuss how TTM can help you improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs!