Mobile Network Operators

ClearSky was founded with a mission to provide leading edge services to mobile network operators and we continue to expand and enhance our suite of services to address the ever-changing needs of the operator community.

Clearsky Private LTE and 5g Networks

The CBRS radio frequencies in the U.S. market enable mobile operators to increase capacity and expand footprint beyond your current licenses. For Tier 2 mobile operators, expanding geographic footprint without purchasing additional licenses can be a game changer. Both indoor areas like local airports and events facilities that were outside of your footprint and causing significant roaming costs can be covered by your own LTE or 5G deployment on the CBRS bands. New outdoor areas enable expansion into fixed wireless services in new, lucrative service areas. ClearSky is available to help with all phases of your project, from early design to ongoing operations.

Forte Neutral Source™

FORTE Neutral Source is targeted at mid-sized buildings where the management have identified a pressing need for indoor cellular coverage – multi-operator in most situations. Major operators can often find this market segment hard to address, due to limited time, resources, and capital. ClearSky works hand in hand with our operator partners to deliver a small cell-based managed service, providing a signal source service for DAS installations. ClearSky works as the middle man, configuring and managing small cell systems that have been pre-approved as a radio source for DAS system integration. By working with ClearSky, operators have the assurance of working with a company with many years of experience, a true understanding of operator requirements, and consistent adherence to appropriate standards.

Total Traffic Manager™

Total Traffic Manager is the intelligent way to manage precious network resources through real-time management of data traffic, all the way down to the individual subscriber using a specific Internet service. With regulators moving away from net neutrality requirements, Total Traffic Manager provides the network intelligence and policy management capabilities to enable a wide range of network performance improvements and new billing arrangements. Total Traffic Manager can also manage both your out-of-network roamers and the foreign roamers on your home network in unprecedented ways which can both save you money and generate new revenue streams. For operators struggling to make inflexible PCRFs perform the network management tasks they need, Total Traffic Manager offers an overlay solution that greatly enhances the policy management capabilities of network PCRFs at a fraction of the cost. Take control of your network with Total Traffic Manager.

iCODE® - A2P Short Code Services

With iCODE, wireless operators and over-the-top SMS messaging providers can gain access to thousands of “Application-to-Person” or “A2P” messaging campaigns. A2P messaging enables a wide variety of text messaging services include banking notifications, password verifications, entertainment updates, and many more. With so many businesses using text messaging to communicate with their customers, iCODE is essential to bring these millions of messages to your subscribers. Keep your subscribers engaged with A2P messaging and save money doing it with ClearSky’s iCODE service.

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