iCODE®: A2P Text Message Delivery Service

iCODE is a content delivery network service that enables the flow of application-to-person (A2P) text messages from end users to organizations such as Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, and thousands of other government, banking, retail and online entities. iCODE enables wireless operators and over-the-top communications services providers to offer subscribers thousands of A2P services through a single connection to ClearSky.


Short codes are shortened phone numbers that allow subscribers to communicate through text messages with organizations and enterprises. Short codes are used extensively for application-to-person (A2P) messaging services from big names like Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook as well as from a wide variety of regional and local organizations such as banking, retail, medical and government. Whether it’s getting a banking alert, online shopping order notification, or verification of a password change, subscribers see A2P messages as a must-have. However, gaining access to A2P messaging campaigns can range from difficult to impossible for smaller wireless operators and over-the-top providers because most developers and aggregators of A2P messaging focus on their direct relationships with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.


The iCODE® Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS Delivery Service allows wireless operators and OTT messaging companies to provide thousands of interactive text message-based services to your subscribers. ClearSky has existing business relationships and network connections with the developers and aggregators of A2P messaging campaigns. Through our content distribution network, ClearSky provides you the physical connections and content management resources to select from the thousands and thousands of available campaigns and make them available to your subscribers. By using the iCODE Service, your single ClearSky connection enables access to a multitude of short code aggregators representing over 10,000 interactive text messaging campaigns.

What Makes Icode Special?

Available To Both Mobile Network Operators And Ott Providers

Enables wireless network operators and OTT providers of any size to participate in interactive application-to-person (A2P) SMS messaging campaigns.



Rapidly and efficiently expand the scope of services for your subscribers to include A2P messaging.

Immediate Access To Short Code Services

With over 10,000 active short code campaigns underway, ClearSky ensures your subscribers have access to services they know and love like Amazon and Twitter but also to local campaigns such as doctor office and local bank notifications.


Your subscriber base will have access to virtually all national and regional short code campaigns through a single connection to ClearSky.

Aggregator Management

Aggregators work with brands and enterprises to create interactive messaging services and all are enabled through a single connection to ClearSky.


Your organization avoids the long and sometimes impossible task of connecting to all the different aggregators.

Simple Technical Integration

The iCODE platform is a content delivery network running in ClearSky data centers that is easy to connect into your message delivery system.


Through a single VPN connection, ClearSky’s content delivery network delivers the entire range of short code campaigns to your subscribers.

Short Code Campaign Testing

As new short codes become available, ClearSky performs testing and quality assurance so your customers will enjoy a trouble-free experience.


Hundreds of short codes come and go each month and ClearSky handles all the vetting of new campaigns with no effort on your part.

What Is A2p Messaging And How Are Short Codes Used?

Application-to-person messaging, usually referred to as A2P messaging, uses short codes as the phone number for a business or organization. With A2P, the sending person uses her phone to create a SMS text message. However rather than a full 10 digit phone number, the sender enters a short code as the phone number, for example “55333,” and then presses SEND. When the wireless network receives this message, it knows this not another person and instead routes that message out of the wireless network to the iCODE content delivery network at ClearSky. iCODE routes the message to the correct business or organization. The receiving entity processes the content of the message, takes appropriate action on the message and normally generates a reply message that flows back through iCODE to the original sender. A2P messaging works similar when the application wants to send a person a message. For instance, a bank might generate an A2P message to a customer each time his ATM card is used. The message routes through the iCODE content delivery network then appears on the customer’s mobile phone as a text message.

Next Steps

Allow ClearSky to help you bring the power and convenience of application-to-person messaging to your subscribers. A single VPN connection can start the process.