iCODE® A2P Service

Revenue Generation and Outstanding Delivery

The Challenge

Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging is a crucial part of the overall marketing strategy for thousands of organizations across many industries, including retail banking, consumer marketing, political outreach, and many more. Owners of short codes, long codes (10DLC) and toll-free codes (TFN) rely on wireless providers to engage subscribers by reliably delivering messages on a timely basis and providing a return path for subscriber response. Interactive messages between organizations and their clients drive actions that generate incremental business and increase customer satisfaction. To fully participate in A2P messaging, wireless providers must maintain relationships that facilitate access to more than 15,000 short codes and millions of 10DLC and TFN codes, represented by multiple aggregators. For wireless providers without the resources or knowledge to keep up with the ever-changing A2P ecosystem, this can be overwhelming, or prohibitive.

ClearSky’s iCODE® Solution

Since the introduction of A2P messaging more than 20 years ago, ClearSky has offered its high-volume, interactive iCODE® messaging service for wireless providers. We are the single point of connection for all A2P codes, including short codes, 10DLC, and TFN codes. The reliable execution of your A2P business empowers subscribers to interact, communicate, stay informed, and get involved. iCODE facilitates polling, voting, alerts, contests, coupons, mobile payments, loyalty programs, appointment reminders, donations and more.

Aggregators are a necessary part of the message flow process, as they connect the application providers to the mobile network operators. Many aggregators, however, focus on relationships with Tier 1 wireless operators, which means many A2P campaigns are inaccessible to smaller wireless operators, over-the-top (OTT) providers and operators in certain geographical areas. With ClearSky, you can access all aggregator campaigns through a single connection. We handle onboarding, troubleshooting, day-to-day operations, and system upgrades. ClearSky is the single connection you will need to make your A2P deployment efficient, cost-effective, all-inclusive and trouble-free. iCODE delivers messages to more than 40 wireless providers, so we get the attention necessary from the aggregators and A2P campaigns to ensure that you can meet the expectations of your subscribers.

iCODE® and the Future of A2P

Since its initial launch, ClearSky’s iCODE® platform has always supported short code messaging; yet with the introduction of new technologies and standards, the platform was expanded to include new types of A2P messages such as 10DLC and TFN. With the dramatic increase in this traffic, especially from aspiring political campaigns, we are continuously working with aggregators and campaigns to meet the needs of campaign owners and subscribers. ClearSky also works with the key members of the ecosystem to influence them to use A2P channels instead of P2P channels, and continues to promote this practice, as it beneficial to all parties. Whatever the future holds in A2P messaging, count on ClearSky and iCODE for the necessary support to keep you competitive and your subscribers delighted.

What Makes ClearSky iCODE® Special?

Complete A2P Solution

The ClearSky iCODE® team works with multiple aggregators and campaigns to onboard, manage, and troubleshoot your A2P traffic to ensure it is flowing smoothly and delivered reliably. You can concentrate on doing what you do best, while ClearSky works on your behalf, doing what we do best!

Ease Of Implementation

With a single connection, iCODE® will immediately give you access to more than 15,000 short codes and even more 10DLC and TFN campaigns. We ensure the quickest availability of A2P messages for your subscribers with the least amount of technical involvement from your team. ClearSky is the one connection you need to make your A2P messaging work flawlessly!

Ongoing A2P Support

ClearSky is constantly working to ensure that regional mobile operators and OTT (Over-the-Top) providers are not overlooked. We continue to look for ways for our customers to be properly served, including advocating for A2P routes instead of P2P routes for message delivery.

A2P Revenue Generation

The ClearSky iCODE® team will work with your team to identify areas where we can monetize A2P traffic and capabilities. After implementation, our team will continue to invest our time into building profitable relationships between and among all companies in the messaging ecosystem.

ClearSky: A Pioneer in
"As a Service"

ClearSky has been providing managed services to the wireless industry for more than 20 years. Collaborating with our customers to achieve desired outcomes is a foundational goal of our business. Our team will work with you to establish relationships and create business models to help achieve your goals.

We WANT to work with you to create the best experience for your subscribers!

Next Steps

ClearSky’s iCODE® service allows carriers and OTT providers to access all the major aggregators with one simple connection. It allows an aggregator to access multiple carriers and OTT providers, in many geographical regions, with one simple connection. Contact us now to set up a call to discuss how iCODE can help you deliver A2P messaging to your subscribers in the most effective and profitable way!