Hospitals & Healthcare

Uncompromised security. 24x7 availability. Absolute reliability. Wireless communications are critical and technologies such as Wi-Fi and public cellular have compromises. With private CBRS networks from ClearSky, your facilities are served with world-leading 4G and 5G technology specifically dedicated to the needs of your staff.

Clearsky Private Lte And 5g Networks

The CBRS radio frequencies in the U.S. market enable medical facilities to deploy their own private LTE and 5G networks for the first time. But with anything new, unforeseen complexities with new cellular components such as the core network EPC, HLR and a whole host of additional cellular industry acronyms can turn the dream into disaster. ClearSky has been in the business of running cellular infrastructure as a managed service for well over a decade. Bring ClearSky’s experience in the activation and operation of private LTE networks into your project so that you can concentrate on the specific needs of your end users rather than the complexity of the wireless network. ClearSky offers all the required components and services as a managed service, enabling you to engage your end users and bring them leading edge private LTE and 5G with the confidence you have a partner to make it work all day, every day 24 x 365.

Forte Neutral Source™ For In-building Networks

The ClearSky Forte Neutral Source service offers an economical way to eliminate weak cellular signal and enhance in-building voice quality and mobile data throughput for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Forte consists of operator-approved radios that connect to your new or existing Distributed Antenna System (DAS). ClearSky eliminates the long and often unsuccessful wait for the big operators to bring a cellular radio source to your facility. ClearSky brings operator-approved radios on a predictable schedule and budget. ClearSky is your single point of contact to light your facilities with cellular signal.

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