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Total Traffic Manager actively monitors and analyzes data traffic as it flows through the network and can differentiate data streams as diverse as YouTube, BitTorrent, web browsing and IoT devices. Total Traffic Manager offers SmartShaping™, which uses preconfigured and dynamic rules to allocate available bandwidth, improving network performance and reducing the need for expensive network capacity expansion.


Every company offering Internet access faces ever increasing data demand with limited ability to increase prices, creating a difficult business dilemma. Mobile network operators, satellite service providers, maritime service providers, and cable companies all face these same problems. Total Traffic Manager (TTM) enables you to manage exponential growth in data traffic through intelligent traffic management that that can benefit both your network and your subscribers.

TTM starts out by providing you real-time visibility into what types of data traffic is running through your network, then goes far beyond simple reporting. TTM allows real-time, intelligent management of data sessions down to the individual subscriber accessing a specific Internet site. With this level of control, TTM allows you to balance limited network resources across all subscribers, protect network assets from overload, and to create new services that can generate new revenue sources.


TTM actively monitors and analyzes data traffic as it flows through your network, and then generates actions based on detailed analysis and a set of pre-configured rules. This is accomplished by placing a TTM Enforcement Platform into your network to measure traffic and subscriber patterns, and perform real-time traffic policy enforcement.

ClearSky’s centrally hosted and managed policy management and reporting engine reduces your costs and speeds deployments. The result is the ability to create and bill for new services, satisfy existing subscribers with fair allocation of resources, and minimize costs of future network expansion.

What Makes Us Special?

Traffic Identification

Accurate, application-aware traffic identification in any routing environment


Understand exactly how your network is being utilized to enable informed business decisions


Business intelligence on all aspects of network traffic


Understand exactly what is happening in your network to enable business decisions in every aspect of the business including sales, marketing, and capital improvement budgeting.

Policy Enforcement

Identification of network conditions.

Perform real-time rule evaluation and then enforce pre-determined policies on traffic


Enable real-time, active management of network traffic to satisfy subscribers with fair allocation of resources and ensure unaffected traffic flow, even if capacity limits are exceeded

Deployment Flexibility

The combination of in-network components and centralized policy intelligence makes TTM applicable to any network type or topology


Reduce costs and speed deployments that are scaled to your specific needs, be they a single cruise ship or a nationwide wireless network

Enhanced Billing

Develop new packages of services that enable differentiated billing for different types of subscribers


Increase revenues through new service plans that better scale price to performance

Roaming Management

For wireless network operators

TTM can manage both the foreign roamers on your network and your subscribers when they are roaming on foreign networks.


Actively manage roaming costs by controlling the network throughput of any type of roamer

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Private LTE and 5G networking promises superior performance over older technology like Wi-Fi but that advantage comes with much greater technical complexity. Allow the cellular networking experts at ClearSky to design, build and manage your network so you can concentrate on serving your end users.