ClearSky Technologies Named as One of the “Top 10 Most Promising Wireless Technology Providers of 2020” by CIOReview Magazine

ClearSky Technologies has burst onto the property technology scene with Forte Neutral Source, a turnkey service providing cellular carrier-approved radio sources for solving in-building coverage problems. CIOReview Magazine selected ClearSky for its Top 10 list of wireless technology providers citing that Forte Neutral Source “provides the missing link for effective in-building cellular coverage.”

ORLANDO, FL, March 10, 2020— ClearSky Technologies, Inc., a leader in providing cellular infrastructure as a service to mobile network operators, has been recognized by CIOReview magazine as one of its “Top 10 Most Promising Wireless Technology Providers of 2020” for bringing its game changing indoor cellular technology to the real estate industry. ClearSky has a long history of providing managed services to mobile network operators such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint and has translated this leadership position into the property technology or “PropTech” space by packaged its vast experience with cellular networks into a service called Forte Neutral Source™. Forte Neutral Source offers fully activated indoor cellular radios to power distributed antenna systems, making it possible to have operator-approved 4G and 5G cellular service in any U.S. building.

Forte Neutral Source is a disruptive new offering that provides properties a long needed solution for in-building cellular coverage and positions ClearSky as a clear leader in the wireless networking segment of the PropTech industry. Businesses and building owners have pressing needs to ensure reliable, uninterrupted cellular coverage, not only to improve productivity but also to retain employees and tenants. Distributed antenna systems (DAS) are a tried and true method to bring cellular service inside a building. However, the missing link for more and more DAS projects are cellular signal sources activated on the AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint networks.  Before Forte Neutral Source, a property owner or manager faced the risk of paying for a DAS without a guarantee from the cellular network operators to feed it with cellular signal, making the investment worthless.  Thanks to ClearSky’s technical prowess and long standing relationships in the cellular industry, ClearSky acts as the single point of contact for all interactions with the cellular network operators and provides all the required cellular radio and monitoring equipment as a managed service.

“It’s no secret in the wireless industry that the cellular network operators are highly focused on outdoor 5G deployments so the responsibility to provide indoor cellular has shifted to the building owner, manager or tenant,” asserts Dean Fresonke, Executive VP of Business Development at ClearSky Technologies.  “ClearSky’s Forte Neutral Source fills the chasm between the cellular operators and the real estate industry by providing operator-approved cellular radio equipment and services to owners, managers and tenants. We can provide any combination of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint for any building, anywhere.”

CIOReview also cited ClearSky’s innovations in private LTE networking using CBRS radio frequencies when selecting them to their Top 10 list. ClearSky’s services enable in-building service from public networks like AT&T and Verizon in parallel with property-wide private 4G and 5G networks, providing the real estate industry a comprehensive, future-proof solution.

About ClearSky Technologies, Inc.

For more than a decade, ClearSky Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in providing innovative “Infrastructure as a Service” solutions to mobile network operators. ClearSky’s powerful array of products and services includes the Forte Neutral Source™ cellular radio services for DAS, iCODE® application to person messaging, MMS/SMS message management, and Total Traffic Manager™ network data policy management. All are designed for quick implementation, affordable cost of entry, and ongoing cost savings. Collaborating with our customers, we are #StrongerTogether.  Headquartered in Orlando, ClearSky has provided services to more than 100 wireless operators across five continents. For more information visit

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