ClearSky Private LTE And 5G Networks

ClearSky Private LTE and 5G Networks is a turnkey, managed service that brings together all the technology, deployment and support components necessary to create and operate your own private LTE or 5G network. Using CBRS spectrum, the power and security of state-of-the-art cellular networks can now be dedicated to your specific wireless communications needs, both indoors and outdoors.


The wireless industry is beginning a transformation as important and wide-reaching as the introduction of Wi-Fi was two decades ago. For the first time individual organizations can create their own private LTE and 5G networks, taking advantage of the tremendous speed and security capabilities that the big cellular network operators have enjoyed all these years. The availability of readily available radio spectrum like CBRS and reasonably priced components such as radios and end user devices make it all possible. However, planning, deploying and operating private LTE and 5G networks is far more complex than Wi-Fi because of all the complex core network components and the requirement for SIM cards in the end user devices. So while the advantages of private LTE and 5G are many, so are the number of deployment and operational challenges.


With ClearSky Private LTE and 5G Networks, we have pioneered a comprehensive approach to designing, implementing and operating both indoor and outdoor cellular-grade networks. ClearSky brings your project superior performance and security for mission critical applications using the highly capable yet no-cost CBRS radio spectrum. We use proven components from the world’s leading manufacturers to create a network perfectly suited for your particular needs. Private LTE is the ideal backbone for your IoT, automation and private voice network plans, all delivered and managed with ClearSky’s comprehensive, nationwide service.

What Makes Clearsky Private Lte And 5g Special?

Indoor And Outdoor Options

Industry leading capability to deliver private LTE and 5G networks either indoors, outdoors or a combination of indoor and outdoor in a campus environment.


ClearSky can provide network solutions to any type of property. With nationwide capabilities, we can cover your facilities anywhere in the U.S. to create networks that transcend building boundaries.

Design Services In High Resolution 3d

ClearSky brings the wireless industry’s most sophisticated planning tools to every project. Our indoor design will determine exactly where the radios need to be installed. Our outdoor design is done in 3 dimensions and accounts for every building and tree with one-meter accuracy, enabling us accurately specify the network you need to meet your performance criteria.


Precision design enables us to plan the minimum amount of equipment to generate the maximum performance, saving you money throughout the life of your project.

Nationwide Installation Services

ClearSky and our partners can perform installation services anywhere in the 50 states. Driven by sophisticated deployment processes proven in practice with the largest cellular network operators, installation services are precisely scheduled and competently performed, no matter what the cable or radio installation challenges may be.


Know with confidence the timing of your network deployment and that the quality of the installation will last for the life of your project.

Commissioning And Testing

As key part of ClearSky’s end-to-end service suite, the installed network is brought on air and thoroughly tested by experts from the cellular industry. You get the same quality of service as a giant public network operator, no matter what size your project.


Eliminates the complexity of bringing a private LTE or 5G network on-air, enabling your team to move on to the more important task of serving your end users.

Monitoring And Maintenance

ClearSky monitors and maintains sophisticated cellular infrastructure as a service to big public network operators. When applied to your private network, our monitoring ensures the network is always performing at its best. In the unlikely case of a problem, our nationwide installation team will be there to swap out faulty equipment and get you fully functional in short order.


Offloading the monitoring and maintenance from your in-house IT teams allows them to concentrate on serving the specific needs of your end users and not having to deal with obscure cellular technology problems.

Sim Card Management

Just like your cell phone running on a big public cellular service like AT&T and Verizon, a private LTE or 5G network requires the end user devices to have a specialized SIM card programmed to work only with your network. ClearSky provides all the correctly programmed SIM cards to meet your ongoing needs.


Enables end user devices like push-to-talk radios, cell phones, and IoT gateways to be easily and rapidly added to your network.

Who Benefits From Using Clearsky Private Lte And 5g Networks?

The ClearSky Private LTE and 5G Networks service was specifically developed to provide a dependable communications backbone for mission critical applications. Services and applications that run on private LTE and 5G include last mile connectivity for wireless ISPs, medical equipment monitoring, transportation and warehousing automation, push-to-talk radio communications, high definition security cameras and many more. If your organization has a need for quality, high performance wireless communications, spare the time and expense of learning the intricacies of cellular networking technology by turning to the private network experts at ClearSky.

How Is This Value Delivered?

The ClearSky team has been running cellular infrastructure for mobile network operators on a 24 x 365 basis for well over a decade. This experience in deploying and managing core network components for the LTE and 5G networks of cellular operators offers immediate and long term benefits to your organization.
The ClearSky approach to private LTE and 5G networks is an end-to-end strategy and is based on years of providing these same types of services to the worldwide mobile network operator community. With over 100 cellular network operators as past customers, we know LTE and 5G networking from start to finish. We begin with the ability to design your wireless network using state-of-the-art 3D planning tools. 3D planning ensures that the system we build provides the performance you need where you need it, be it indoor our outdoor. Our construction and integration capabilities are unmatched in the industry, allowing us to build anything from small indoor areas to square miles of outdoor networks.

The ClearSky network architecture combines equipment that is onsite at your location with cloud-based services running out of ClearSky’s geographically redundant data centers. This strategy puts the correct number of components at your site for superior performance and the rest resides in the cloud for lower cost and high reliability.

Once your network is operational, the ClearSky operations team monitors your network 24 x 7. In the unlikely case we detect an issue, most maintenance activities can be performed remotely. If hardware fails, our same nationwide team of installation people can quickly swap out the errant equipment.

Next Steps

ClearSky Private LTE and 5G Networks promise superior performance over older technology like Wi-Fi but that advantage comes with much greater technical complexity. Allow the cellular networking experts at ClearSky to design, build and manage your network so you can concentrate on serving your end users.