ALIV Bahamas Launches ClearSky’s Total Traffic Manager™ Service to Ensure Optimal Network Performance and Enhance User Experience

ALIV, the newest mobile network operator in the Bahamas, has implemented ClearSky’s Total Traffic Manager to improve customer satisfaction while at the same time managing the data traffic flowing through its network.  Total Traffic Manager monitors the available capacity of the network and takes action to improve network performance in real time.

ORLANDO, FL, June 5, 2019 — ClearSky Technologies, Inc. a global supplier of network performance monitoring and management services, announces ALIV Bahamas has rolled out Total Traffic Manager in its cellular network. ALIV is the newest mobile operator in the Bahamas and has built an all new LTE network to service its subscribers.

ClearSky’s TTM service both improves network capacity and increases subscriber satisfaction.  This is achieved by giving mobile network operators the ability to monitor and manage mobile data traffic in real time.  By detecting the types of traffic and monitoring the available capacity throughout the network, TTM can make both pre-planned and real time adjustments to the throughput of all types of data streams such as video, web browsing and streaming music. TTM ensures the most important data streams have priority and the network does not exceed available capacity.   As an example, the TTM service helped ALIV optimize the video streaming experience for its subscribers to reduce annoying buffering and at the same time dramatically decreased network congestion during busy hours.

ALIV Chief Technology Officer, Tracey Boucher, said, “We continually strive to prioritize customer satisfaction with the ALIV network by increasing coverage and capacity. The ClearSky TTM service allowed us to optimize our existing capacity to better service our growing subscriber base.”

“One of the keys to the TTM service is our ability to work together with the operator to put conditional policies in place. We dynamically monitor the customer experience and make adjustments based on network conditions so the end user is rewarded,” said Ron Willet, ClearSky President. “The Caribbean has unique data challenges that certainly can be addressed with the TTM service.”

About ClearSky Technologies, Inc.

For more than a decade, ClearSky Technologies, Inc. has been an innovation leader in providing services to mobile network operators. The company’s powerful array of products and services includes network baseline, optimization and design with NetView 360®, traffic and policy management with Total Traffic Manager™, and hosted messaging services with iCODE®. Headquartered in Orlando, ClearSky has provided services to wireless operators of all sizes across five continents. For more information, visit

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